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Örebro läns Idrottsförbund är Riksidrottsförbundets regionala organisation i Örebro län. Vårt uppdrag är att stödja, företräda och leda distriktets idrott.

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Questions and answers regarding ÖLIF and SISU

Örebro County Sports Federation (ÖLIF) is the regional organization of the Swedish Sports Confederation (RF) in Örebro County. RF also have their own organization for education – SISU Sports Education.

What is ÖLIF?
Örebro County Sports Federation is RF’s extended arm in Örebro County. We lead, represent and support over 600 sports clubs, 20,000 non-profit leaders and 100,000 members. Our vision is that Swedish sport will be the best in the world.

What is SISU Sports Education?
SISU Sports Education is Swedish sport's educational and training organization. We work to stimulate people's learning, strengthen their commitment and to develop Swedens sports clubs.

Which goals do we have?
We want as many people as possible, to play sports for as long as possible, with as well-planned and thought-out programme as possible. To achieve this we provide support on all levels, from grassroots and recreational sport all the way up to the highest elite standards. Our conviction is that sports clubs should be an environment where everyone is welcome, where all can participate, and where fair-play is prevailing.

What do we – ÖLIF – do specifically?
Our work includes being the voice of sport in the public debate. In addition, we meet politicians and authorities to ensure common goals and means for sport. In several topical areas we work with commissions, inquiries and information campaigns. This work can include subjects such as public health, children’s and young people's sport, gender equality, sport for disability and anti-doping, as well as assisting clubs with services, solutions and administration. Through our sister organization SISU Sports Education we provide and train interested parties with the latest findings and knowledge in many areas, ranging from sporting and administration issues to training in leadership and gender equality.

What do we – SISU – do specifically?
SISU Sports Education is Swedish sport's educational and training organization. We train sport association representatives in basic skills for organizational work, leadership and youth management within sports, exercise and health. Furthermore, we offer specialist courses in a number of areas. Our 16 Sports Advisors have an ongoing dialogue with sports clubs to both support and develop relevant topics and activities. In this way, SISU is a force offering constant renewal .

How are we funded?
Our resources come mainly from public funds at both national, regional and municipal level. In addition, we raise funds from various EU funds and programs.

What does sport mean for Örebro County?
Sport is very important for the whole county. Lifelong physical activity helps to strengthen the individual’s welfare as well as the general public’s health. It also helps to reduce costs for sick leave and healthcare. At the same time, thousands of young people and adults learn the basics of democracy and participation by being involved in our sporting associations. In Örebro County, non-profit sports create 2,600 full-time jobs each year. It also creates meaningful leisure activities for children, young people and adults throughout the whole region.

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